We really do love Jack!

Jack's Team

We all met Jack at different places and stages of our lives. And yet, we fell in love with him and made it our life's mission to introduce him to folks in The Netherlands.

The Love Story

All about how Jack ended up in The Netherlands

A classical story. Girls meet fruit. They fall in love. A few months later, a food startup is born. A story told in an unconventional way, starting at the end and back tracking to how it all got started.

The Arrival

August 2018: Jack is here to stay

After a long trip Jack is ready to unpack. A week into his new home he is overwhelmed by the attention of his new Dutch friends. His agenda in the first months is filling up with invites to parties and events.

The Ticket

May 2018: Jack is ready hit the road!

It's official, The Netherlands is ready to meet Jack. Over 150 people chip in through CrowdAboutNow to pay for Jack’s ticket to Amsterdam. Terima kasih semua!

Award Winning Story

January 2018: There's something in the air ;)

Kaline and Marjolein start telling anyone who will listen about Jack. Their moms, their family, their friends, their colleagues, they even pitch their story to win the ImpactHub Business Model Challenge.

The Search

August 2017:

Kaline and Marjolein look back at their successful careers in commercial corporate sector and realize something is missing. A sense of love, adventure and obsessive determination to leave a footprint behind in healthier world. They go on vacation to Bali and there it happens...they meet Jack.